Published Jun 20, 2015 by AngusP

While aerodynamics are king in the solar racing world, our aims go beyond just maximising the ev’s efficiency - To us it is vitally important to demonstrate that a self-contained, sun powered car can still be a compelling vehicle in the modern age of design. Of course, a solar vehicle won’t ever truly look like your modern sedan or SUV, but even at this early stage of design and testing, we’re honing in more than the drag factor of the car.

Ease of access, driver comfort & visibility, utility (having a trunk, or even frunk) are important to us and are also judging criteria for the World Solar Challenge. Beyond physical design, interactions with the car will have to invoke the same experiences that people expect of vehicles - it is really important that the car is enjoyable to drive. We’re planning on providing many of the features a modern petrol car would have in our solar car.

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