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AngusP  ︲  Jun 20, 2015

While aerodynamics are king in the solar racing world, our aims go beyond just maximising the ev’s efficiency - To us it is vitally important to demonstrate that a self-contained, sun powered car can still be a compelling vehicle in the modern age of design. Of course, a solar vehicle won’t ever truly look like your modern sedan or SUV, but even at this early stage of design and testing, we’re honing in more than...

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Aerodynamic Modelling

AngusP  ︲  Jun 12, 2015

The aerodynamics team at Edinsolar is busy testing and improving the aerodynamic shell for the proof of concept vehicle. With such a small amount of power available from the regulation size solar panels, it is vital for a solar ev to pe as low drag as possible - a modern SUV can get away with a flat front and large drag factor, but our solar car will have to be as slippery as possible. The...

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Hello World

Simon & Erin  ︲  Jun 25, 2014

Edinsolar, the University of Edinburgh’s solar car team has recently formed. We’re a group of undergraduate students studying a mix of Business, Computer Science, Engineering and more. We’re planning to enter the 2017 World Solar Challenge, an event that runs once every two years in Australia. Teams from around the world race across the outback not just for fun but to improve and expand our current engineering capabilities for self-contained sustainable transport. We’re looking forward...

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